Talent wins games.
Teams win championships.

Jyre is a new approach to developing high performance teams. A cost effective, scalable digital solution that seamlessly integrates in the flow of work. Created to help businesses build team effectiveness and develop people from the bottom to the top of the organisation.

A new approach to team effectiveness

What would team development look like if it was digitally-enabled, inclusive of the whole organisation, and within the flow of work?

Introducing Jyre: an integrated approach to team and personal development, distilling decades of expert coach know-how into a unique digital platform that delivers development in the flow of work.

With as much expert help as you need: team coaches to guide each team, psychologists to inspire your people through in-person workshops and webinars, experienced OD consultants to help create solutions to your pressing people problems.

Individual and Organisational well-being,

Team by Team

Jyre helps organisations build happier, healthier, more-fulfilled workforces by giving teams the tools they need to unlock their potential.

When teams bond strong performance with personal growth and learning, they create workplaces where people are inspired to be at their best.

With Jyre, the whole organisation can move upwards to fresh growth, resilience and broadened horizons.

“Jyre offered a unique approach of a tool that we could deploy across 3 offices combined with support from their expert team. The depth of data behind Jyre combined with deep psychology expertise gave us great confidence and got even sceptical participants on board. Accessing both insights and personal development through a very 21st century app really helped engagement.” Read the full story 
Tanya Lightbody, Group People and Performance Director at Treis Partners LLP

3 Ingredients for Team Effectiveness

The Practice Arena

A digital platform with in-person coaching and guidance.

Focused Team Time

The Team Effectiveness Playbook.

Personal Plan

Personal development pathways for everyone.

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