“Jyre provided a scalable team journey map, aligning our teams on their strategy and goals, driving open communication; and identifying and developing the most critical strengths needed to deliver Community Fibre’s vision.”

Graeme Oxby


Community Fibre


London, UK





Scaling a digital-first team effectiveness approach, Jyre implemented its high-touch Executive Team Impact solution, followed by a lower touch Cascade and Connect solution to create high-performing teams across Community Fibre’s entire organisation.


‘Better internet for everyone’.

Community Fibre is future-proofing London communities by delivering 1 Gbps of full-fibre broadband to households and up to 10 Gbps of full-fibre broadband to businesses, at the most competitive prices on the market. Their mission is to empower communities through offering more reliable and affordable connections, and to make London a Gigafast city, a key UK government target.

Funds advised by Warburg Pincus LLC and DTCP, their goal is to fibre-enable one million households by 2023.

Drivers of change

  • Ambitious revenue targets
  • Optimise intra and inter team-working in a virtual work environment
  • Fast growing company
  • Budget-consciousness

Jyre Solutions

Phase I
Phase I

A high-impact executive team

Whole executive team assessment helped optimise for diversity, values and talents.

Phase II
Phase II

Scaling impact via the Jyre platform

Jyre Cascade rapidly mobilised the Exec team’s direct reports and their teams.

Jyre Connect made collaboration between cross-functional teams instant and instinctive.

Leadership team coaching ensured collective impact is greater than individual talents.

Phase III (Upcoming)
Phase III (Upcoming)

Leadership intelligence through data

Data analytics and thematic consultation, including:

  • creating a heat-mapping interface allowing intuitive exploration of data-sets;
  • predictive modelling of key performance indicators;
  • thematic consultation to inform Talent planning.


  • De-siloed the Exec team
  • Enabled cost-effective team and leadership development across the organisation
  • Uncovered actionable insight on organisational bench-strength and diversity
  • Co-created a talent roadmap for how to align talent to strategic goals

I can’t recommend Jyre enough in their cost-effective approach to team effectiveness, talent discovery and engagement. In the current climate, it seems like these are more important than ever in successful business strategy.

Graeme Oxby

CEO, Community Fibre

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