Duncan Fraser


Duncan is the founding director of Useful and Kind Unlimited and of the Mindful Leadership Foundation and has worked as a therapeutic coach, facilitator and trainer with many senior clients enabling them to focus on their vision and to deliver it.
He has twenty years experience as a manager and leader having been CEO, Artistic & Community Director, trainer, funder, marketeer and broadcaster.

He has advanced psychotherapy training (CBT, Transactional Analysis, Integrative, Attachment) and is constantly trying to find ways to use the latest learning in the service of others. In addition to working with top teams he has trained and supervised coaches and given coaching masterclasses.

Duncan played a key role as part of the team creating the CharacterScope Development plans, directly contributing the content to many of the plans, and helping the team sustain their focus on psychological rigour, sensitivity to the person and practical output.

Solo & Viewpoints

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