Let’s have a story, shall we?

Imagine you’re hiking in the French Alps. Far overhead, you spot a pair of eagles spiraling upward, effortlessly gliding on a warm thermal.

This experience of warm uplift, bringing broader perspective and fresh insight with little effort, is what we aspire to bring to our customers and users.

We call it Jyre.


The Logo

Two circles, feeding into one another.

The inner circle represents our long history helping individuals find and develop their unique style of leadership.

The outer circle represents the collective or team, as well as the group dynamics that lead to high performance.

Together, the two shapes create a virtuous, infinite circle where development is never finished but learning and transformation is guaranteed.


The Name

Jyre represents the renewed commitment we have toward helping our customers “open the loop” on growth: where uplifted team effectiveness drives growth for your people as well as meaningful connection and alignment across the organisation, enabling the whole organisation to move upward to renewed energy, resilience and broadened horizons.


The Colours

Our two primary colours are drawn from the leader types of Charismatic and Transformational in our 9 Leader types model.

The Charismatic leader brings renewed energy and sense of purpose, whilst the Transformational leader delivers change in beliefs, mindsets and culture.

Together, they represent the necessary ‘pull and push’ of successful change initiatives, as well as our commitment to helping our customers mobilise to fulfil their potential.

The colours are also warm and unconventional — a little like us.


The Future

Jyre was born out of one key insight:

Business success is no longer dependent on “star players”, but on high-performing teams.

Or as Michael Jordan would say, “Talent wins games — but teams win championships”.

Where will your Jyre journey take you?

Ready to experience Jyre?