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Jyre High Performing Teams

Meet and embrace the challenges of the new world of work

Help your teams and leaders develop

  • More collaboration and less siloed communication
  • Greater inclusion, understanding and improved retention of diverse talent
  • Increased agility in the face of shifting external environments
  • Knowledge of strengths, gaps, and the tools to improve

Why focus on teams?

Because the science is clear-cut: improving team effectiveness is the quickest and most durable response to meet the challenges we see today.

high performing team

Creating a high performance team, healthy environments

We know that great teams and great leaders are not created in isolation – the development of both must be woven together to build a culture of continuous improvement, ownership, and effectiveness.

high performance team

Development for all, that fits in with the flow of work

Jyre’s solution brings together a package of individual, team, and leadership development – all delivered in a way that works for all, fitting in with the flow of your workplace.

high performance team

9 core team goals

Our extensive psychologically-informed research and 30+ years of experience has shown us that achieving 9-core team goals develops effective, high performance teams and leaders.

Which of the goals below are a priority for you and your team?

Using Jyre, you’ll work through specific pathways that guide leaders & teams through brief, structured sessions to improve effectiveness against each of these 9 goals.

Over 2,000 additional resources to reliably deliver uplifts against the core team goals

Our additional resources within the platform help support everyone’s growth and development, including:

  • Team effectiveness assessments to help you pinpoint the priority areas to focus on
  • Diagnostic self-reviews to understand leadership types, strengths, and gaps
  • Data reporting and report sharing
  • 34-guided personal development plans with a time-commitment of just 10-20 minutes per day
high performance team
high performance team
high performance team

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