Jyre Platform Demo

1. Intro and get started

Welcome to Jyre.

By clicking on the button below, you’ll find yourself in your demo Team dashboard. 

We’ve filled your account with sample data – both for you and your team colleagues. Feel free to have a click around and see where your curiosity takes you.  

The next few modules will guide you through some key stages of the platform. Scroll down to continue.


2. Understand: Explore the Team Solo report

The Team Solo report is put together by everyone in the team creating their individual Solo report.

From your Team dashboard, click View on the Team Solo tile.

Hover over the head to learn what the circles represent. This is a summary of all of the individual Jyre Solo reports from you and your colleagues.

The larger circles represent which Leader types are most strongly characteristic of your team. The smaller circles represent which Leader types are least strongly characteristic of your team.

Scroll down to the Best-fit and Least-fit Leader types sections. These show your team’s diversity & complementarity.

Scroll down towards the end of the report to the Strength-mapping page of your report.

The top 5 strengths are those that have the highest average rating across the team. Click on each of the strengths for the strength definition (and you can read more about each strength in the 34 Strengths playlist).

Think about the combination of these 5 strengths: taken together, what do they say about the spirit, character and values of this team?
Now look at the next 5 strengths: these are the ones that are shared by most people in the team; they round out the character of the team.

Now look at the bottom 5 strengths. These are the strengths that have the lowest average rating across the team.

Think about the combination of these 5 strengths: taken together, what do they say about the nature of this team’s blind-spots and where the team doesn’t have natural strengths? If the team were to choose to develop one strength, which do you think it should be and why?

3. Evaluate: TEQ

Now let’s give you a chance to fill in some data of your own! The Team Effectiveness Questionnaire is a quick way of getting your team’s views of it’s current performance, and serves as a diagnostic as to which of the Jyre 9 Questions Team Pathways will be most useful to your team.

It takes approx. 5 minutes to complete and the report is available straight away, building as each colleague adds their view. Click the button below to start a new review and complete the questionnaire. Try thinking about a team you’ve been a part of when rating.


4. Team Playbook: Team report insights workshop

The Team Report Insights workshop is a 3 hour interactive team session designed to help the team get the most out of their Team Solo report and improve your ability as a team to tune into each other’s unique pattern of strengths.

This is an example of one of the many team workshops in Jyre. It contains everything you need to facilitate an engaging team session – scroll through to immerse yourself. 

5. Develop: Day 7 of Risk-taking

There are 34 personal development plans – one for each of the Jyre Strengths. The platform will help you choose a Strength to develop (based on your data) before moving you into a 25-day structured development plan of carefully scripted daily workouts. All designed and created by deeply experienced psychologists and coaches with authoritative content on the practicalities of developing character strengths and creating enduring habits.

Sample a day of the Risk-taking plan by clicking the button below and selecting Day 7.


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