Mark Loftus
CharacterScope CEO & Founder

In this episode of the ‘Interesting People’ podcast we turn the tables, with regular host Mark Loftus taking the hot seat. Mark is CharacterScope’s founder and CEO, with over twenty years of experience as a trusted consultant and coach to senior leaders.

With guest interviewer Arabella Ellis, they talk start-up growing pains, how the idea of putting character back into leadership started in the 90’s, and has anything really changed since he was 7?

Mark Loftus started his working life in the field of clinical psychology, but a desire to carve his own path led to the creation of the highly-successful consultancy, The Thinking Partnership.

Following many years as a coach and consultant to business leaders, and as an organisational assessor, more recently Mark founded CharacterScope, a vehicle for the wisdom and experience gained through years of helping leaders be their best.

Episode 3 - Mark Loftus