We all have our own strengths and gaps – aspects of our character that either shine brightly (even when we’re not trying!), or that really don’t come naturally to us. For me, a real gap is staying connected with others.

I love to focus on solving challenges, building, creating, innovating, and planning the future. And of course, I’m not alone in that. 

For many, perhaps yourself, or those you know and work with, connecting is not a strength. And for such a ‘dis-connector’, the current situation feels like the perfect opportunity to go heads down and focus on getting things done… But of course, that may not be best for me, or my team.

Mark de Cates 
CTO Jyre

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

Most of us are now at home and communicating with each other via technology. This brilliant technology that allows us to work from home also encourages us to focus almost entirely on tasks.

While one-on-one we might find it easy to catch up and ask about how a colleague is doing, as a group the personal tends to get squeezed out. Person time is the lifeblood of relationships and teams, and is particularly important now that we are separated and at home.

Do you and your colleagues have any structure, rituals or rhythm for keeping the personal connections in your team alive and well?

Open up a discussion with your colleagues about how to stay personally connected as a group (not just as individuals) over the coming weeks and months.