When I think back to March, when our worlds changed completely, I remember feeling a huge sense of worry, dread and fear – there were so many sleepless nights! I felt anxious about all the people who would become ill or lose loved ones, those on the front line, our economy… but also in a selfish way – how would I get through it on a personal level, trying to juggle work, home schooling our 7 year old while entertaining a 2 year old. It was hard to feel optimistic with so much uncertainty ahead.

Although it’s only been 2 months, it feels like a lifetime ago, and here we are now with a sense of our freedom returning and life resuming to a new kind of normality. And I’ll admit: I will miss lockdown. When will I ever get the opportunity to spend such a huge amount of time with my husband and our 2 daughters without having to share them with anyone else: no visitors, school run to rush for, or plans to make. I still don’t know what’s ahead, but we made it this far… and as much as I love being with my daughters, I am looking forward to having some time to myself soon!

Victoria Harflett
Customer & User Engagement – Jyre

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

As George Harrison wrote in his song ‘All things must pass’ – “Sunrise doesn’t last all morning, a cloud burst doesn’t last all day… It’s not always going to be this grey.” Our mood and feelings are not permanent things – even if they feel it at the time. Thinking of the positives in a situation, even when it feels very bleak, can turn a negative into a positive.

How has your mood changed during lockdown? What are the positives that have emerged for you?

If the you now could talk to the anxious or bleak you from the start of lockdown, what would you say? How can you use this wisdom the next time you are feeling anxious?