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I’ve been paying attention to my curiosity over the last few weeks, wondering when I have curiosity and when I don’t and I’ve realised that there are lots of things I’m not curious about. Initially I thought this was a failing as my role is all about creativity, but I’ve come to accept it’s ok.

I’ve realised that I can deepen my curiosity rather than broaden it. Rather than trying to be curious about everything, I’ve become more aware of what really sparks my curiosity. It’s when I encounter something new in the world that challenges my previous understanding and makes me ask why. I’m really interested in visual trends, so when something grabs my attention I ask myself am I really interested in what I’m seeing or am I more curious about what messages the visuals give and the impact they might have on others?

Maybe I’ve become more curious about my own curiosity!

Kaio Burghard
Creative Lead Jyre

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

Curiosity is key to creativity and it’s about wondering ‘why?’ as well as ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ Everybody has curiosity about some things and lacks curiosity about other things. What’s really key is to be curious about yourself – why some things grab you and why some don’t.


What grabs you? And why? Think about what lies in the outside world and what lies inside you. 
To quote Jung:
“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens”

Next time something sparks your curiosity, see if you can answer the ‘why?’ question: is it about new knowledge, about being up to date, because it’s complex, or simple, or beautiful? And what insights does this simple observation give you about yourself and your values?