I am head of Consulting for Jyre, and in these unprecedented times I am struck by the difference between clients who are ‘too busy’ to have coaching sessions, and those who are desperate for time to reflect, make sense and plan how to help their teams to survive and thrive.  I know who I would rather be led by!

And that shocked me because, being action-oriented myself, I too cancelled my own supervision sessions at the start of this lockdown.  They are back in the diary now and are invaluable.

Arabella Ellis
Founder & Director CharacterScope

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

The business world values (or perhaps overvalues) decisive action. In Jyre we call this Grip: goal-driven behaviours which turn plans into progress. But Grip when not backed by Judgement leads to wasted effort and frantic behaviour.

Judgement is more than just making a decision.  It has 3 parts: what do I ‘think’ about this, and what does that imply? What do I ‘feel’ about this, and what does that imply, and what therefore should I ‘do’ and when?

What is your personal balance between grip and judgement – both generally and in these unprecedented times? Of the 3 parts of Judgement, which do you use well and value?

Now is the time to put into place a daily practice to improve your judgement. Take 10mins to reflect on what you think, feel and therefore want to do.