I didn’t have whatever skills and behaviours I needed for working from home, and I needed to learn fast. Having struggled with English at school, communicating online was always a struggle, and it’s something I avoided. Lockdown has forced me to accept my fate.
Let’s bring in some of my stats: 33% more screen time over the last 7 days, 30-minute daily average on Netflix (50% increase), more facetime calls in the last 2 weeks than in my whole life, 4 new family WhatsApp groups! Having now accepted my fate I’m starting to get used to it, and dare I say good. My screen time is now my quality time, a paradigm shift.
If I think about it, returning to working in person may now be the problem. We’ve all adapted, but more than that the practicalities of work have shifted, or at least personally my own hang-ups have evaporated. I’m even having house parties through an app.
Angus Hopper
Marketing Lead Jyre

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

Changing our habits and developing strengths requires being able to pursue change and growth in the face of obstacles, boredom, fatigue and anxiety. As we hit the point where our actions no longer feel inspiring or fun, most people give up. It is here that the right effort is key.
If there’s something that you want to change, first imagine how things will look once you’ve reached that goal (vision)?
What could stop you reaching the vision (obstacles)?   
How could you plan to overcome these obstacles (plans)?
You need to persevere if you are going to be successful in changing a habit. Pick one thing that you would like to change and have the courage to see it through (persevere).