Growing up with 6 siblings has contributed to fairness being really important to me! But it’s not always easy to balance my own needs with the needs of others.

I give so much energy to everyone else: work, children, family, friends – that the intensity of attempting to balance that combination all at once, means the thing that has dropped in this period of lockdown is time for me. I’ve been neglecting myself, not giving myself time to work on my development and reflect on how I’m feeling.

Victoria Harflett
Customer & User Engagement Jyre

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

One of our definitions of fairness is “balances own contribution and needs with those of others”. If you don’t look after yourself in this challenging time you will become depleted and won’t be able to give to others. It is also the bringing together of self and other awareness.
How good is your balance between self and others? Do you value yourself sufficiently to give yourself the time and attention you need? Or do you forget to notice how others are feeling and put yourself ahead of others?
Find one time each day to focus just on yourself e.g. your reflection time – AND one moment each day to ask the people you care most about how they are doing?