When I’m feeling the strain, I usually take a task in front of me and focus it down, throwing all my attention and effort at it until it’s done. But, as a consequence, I lose track of everything else that is going on around me. I lose track of the context behind why I’m doing that task, as well as the feelings and objectives of other people in the team; I lose perspective.

Over the last few weeks I’ve delivered big upgrades to our platform to host the new teams content; however I have felt frustrated because I don’t have a solution for that sense of ‘losing perspective’, and I feel I ought to have one.

However, the process of writing this snippet and going through it with my colleagues has helped me realise something new – I don’t have to have a solution!
Development isn’t an either/or process – it’s not like you have it or you don’t. The first step toward change is awareness and taking the time to talk about what is going on.

Daniel Huggins
Founder & Systems Architect CharacterScope

Snippet, Reflect, Fix

Awareness is a vital first step in a change process. Being aware of what you know and don’t know, do and don’t do, feel and don’t feel, helps us tune in to the opportunity for growth.

Is there something in your life, or in yourself at the moment, where you are out of sorts or not feeling your usual calm – or even where other people tell you “you are out of sorts” (however hard that is to hear)?

Share your reflections with at least one other person, to hear their thoughts and broaden your perspective.