There’s so much more you can do together.

From high-impact executive teams to cultures strong in diversity and belonging, Jyre helps you achieve growth in a way that makes future growth easier.

Transforming leaders, so they can transform their businesses

Executive team impact

We understand the realities facing leadership teams — the need to constantly transform and adapt to tomorrow’s needs whilst leading today’s delivery — and the Jyre consulting team has the experience and skill to guide even the most senior teams onto higher levels.

Whole team assessment

Start with strengthening the foundation: deepening awareness of the individual and collective talents of the team. We do this in a way that inspires leaders to be hungry for their personal growth and development, and inspired to get the best from the diversity and talents around them.

Leadership team coaching

Team-bonding sessions seem powerful at the time, yet the research evidence is clear: on their own, they fail to deliver lasting improvement. Jyre team coaching brings you the alternative: a sustained year-round focus on team development, ensuring the collective impact is greater than individual talents.

Exec Services

The tools you need to unlock potential

Cascade. Connect. Transform.

Jyre is structured to enable a natural progression across the organisation — of teams bringing other teams with them, of leaders creating leadership.

Yet sometimes the pressures and opportunities around you mean you need a faster, more focused approach to making the promise of teams a reality.


Jyre Cascade

Take the energy from the leadership team and rapidly mobilise across the whole of your organisation.

Jyre Connect

Making collaboration between teams instant and instinctive, delivering alignment and shared focus.

Jyre Transformational Edge

Accelerating leader development, helping form leaders who others choose to follow, who bring purpose and energy, and inspire leadership in those around them.

Similarities make you strong. Differences make you stronger.

Team diversity & inclusion

Jyre helps teams create cultures strong in diversity and belonging — teams where differences are treasured rather than trashed.

The outcomes go beyond fairness: teams where differences are valued and built upon bring increased productivity and innovation to organisations.

Team Diversity assessment

The Jyre Diversity Index moves beyond demographics to guide team hiring, helping teams actively embrace diversity.

Team Inclusion programme

We systematically highlight and teach the mindsets and skills that mean teams get the best from difference.


From leadership analytics to leadership intelligence

Insights & Analytics

Jyre gives you access to unprecedented insights about your people and your business.


Organisational heat-mapping

See your whole organisation, team-by-team, with fresh clarity.

From organisational bench-strength to diversity analytics, heatmaps give you the tools to find new perspectives.

Talent discovery

Use Jyre’s predictive analytics to highlight unseen talent and understand what is really driving your people — their engagement, well-being and performance.

From team engagement to business impact

With a growing network of clients, our assessments, team-coaching, and reporting are data-rich and evidence-driven, enabling you to translate team outcomes into business-level impact.