From ancient Athens

In a sun-baked, dusty square under the shade of an olive tree an older man sits surrounded by impatient younger men. He has been asked by the Athenian elders to prepare these young men to be good leaders, the future leaders of Athens. Men who would shape their world in a way that we still experience today, 2,500 years later.

What was it he taught them? Was it how to be great warriors? The ideal battle strategy? How to create civic buildings that would last for millenia? How to trade with the other great empires on their shores?

In truth, Aristotle taught them the importance of developing their character: their courage, resilience, stamina; their judgement, compassion, perspective; their creativity. He taught them that these character strengths were not simple behaviours or skills that they could pick up in a day or two of study, like Pythagoras’s theorems. Rather, they required sustained focus, steadily building habits. If they were easy to develop, everyone would possess them. But developing strengths of character was a prize worth working for, and what future generations would truly see as remarkable would be the way their character led them to achieve things future generations would admire and value. Hide

To our modern world

Fast forward to the noise, traffic, crush and pace of modern London.

What we at Jyre are seeking to do is to bring insights from this ancient world to a new generation, one for whom, literally, the future of the world hangs in the balance. It is theirs to shape in a more characterful, peaceful and sustainable way, but to do this will require all of the same character strengths that were so familiar to Aristotle.

In place of a dusty, sun-baked town square we have technology that allows access for everyone and from anywhere. And in place of a single teacher, we have the collective wisdom of a team of coaches, psychologists, teachers and leaders all dedicated to the task of making character relevant to today’s world and the future generation of leaders. And rather than focus on a select few men, we fully understand that tomorrow’s world is about tapping into and celebrating everyone’s talents, whatever their age, gender or identity. Hide

Character, leadership and teams

Jyre is the result of 25 years of sustained research, data science and learning about what leadership really is and how everyone can develop their own leadership. This research has uncovered the core role that character development plays in creating environments in which people learn and grow together, places where people work productively and purposefully, shaping our world rather than simply reacting to apparently unstoppable forces. It has revealed that character development can be just as hard as it was for the ancient Greeks, but that new digital technology, a world of daily bite-sized learning, prompts and nudges can smooth the path that otherwise is open only to the privileged few.

We hope you find your journey through the world of Jyre stimulating, challenging and a continuing source of growth.